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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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10/5/12 abc 2 news at 11:00. abc 2 news at 11:00. >> so far an amazing game in texas. live at the ballpark with all of the updates. >> a wild card game and a wild night. 15 years in the making. join our party at 7glory days. >> and a pleasant friday night for orioles baseball. big changes by sunday for that game here. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and that's how the scam starts. how prisons may be trying to take your money. the news starts right now. >> oh, my goodness, what a game. doing this the easy way. really tight game with the rangers. score, 3-1. bottom of the 7th.
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and thanks for turning away for a second. you just can't watch it because you are on those pins and needles. we have team coverage tonight. cheryl conor is out live. we start down in enemy territory in texas. what does it look like down there? >> reporter: the first you might notice i put this jacket on. it is cold here. earlier i was walking around sweating and the temperatures have dropped 20 degrees. tough for the rangers to come back. the ball is not going to carry now that the temperature dropped. still 3-1 orioles. rangers fans are tense. i managed to find orioles fans in texas and talk to them earlier today. >> just after the orioles took the field for their first playoff game in 15 years, they listened to a horn version of
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the national anthemment . >> which made it rushed. but it was there because orioles fans are here. brought his son to the game from their home three hours away. >> i became a fan and/or yoels fan ever since. >> not many of those years have given him much to cheer about until now. >> a bunch of fans had to listen to their junk and finally get to post season is awesome. >> for his son. >> i was three years old when they lost in the playoffs. >> playoff baseball is a first that he had to see in person. >> it's amazing. finally get to see the orioles win. always been the orioles never bn a contender. it's finally happening. it's awesome. >> you really hot now. you really hot. >> yeah. a lot going on here. the orioles are winning 3-1 here
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in the 7th. this is really -- >> all right. we are reporting live from glory days and you know what they say: don't mess with texas. the orioles went in and did just that. the first to get on the board. the first to leave. this crowd, i tell you what, they are going to throw us up in the air. the orioles lead it 3-1. it is an unbelievable experience here, guys. >> let's go o's. >> here we go. the first cheer in post season for the orioles since 1997. who needs a seat at glory days? come on in. >> following the orioles this far into the season is nice. >> elbow to elbow for the first run in the first inning. a wild card game in the playoffs just what he expected when he brought back the turf and baseball from
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spring training. >> got three baseballs. when we went down to sarasota in february. my friend and i. we got them when they hit them over the fence. he has been here for good luck. bars in the baltimore area rely on the ravens for business. now they are going to bat for the orioles. glory days opened here ten years ago. you better believe this crowd is part of the magic. >> sales have been up 10 to 15%. wednesday night we saw it tonight we're seeing it. from here on out, the further they make it, the better it gets. >> we lost a generation of kids to this. they have experience of winning. it's really nice. >> that's right. meet my niece and nephew. they joined the extended family of orioles fans and seem to get what this night is all about.
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>> go orioles. >> i am orioles fan. >> wait for it. >> i love the orioles. >> yeah, he loves baseball. the orioles are inspiring a whole new generation of baseball lovers. look at this. it's more than what fans were expecting. orioles on the board. they are 3-1. a lot of people hanging out here for several hours now. we are going to continue to stay out there. i have a feeling we're going to be having a big party here. >> thanks a lot. everybody is having a great time. 3-1, top of the 8th. o's up to bat. we have a special section dedicated to all of the orioles magic of the season. log on to abc 2 we want to know what you think about this one game wild card situation. join the conversation. and send us those pictures.
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it's a warm night here in baltimore and not much of a movement on the radar. there are big changes. chief meteorologist has a look at the overnight forecast. >> it's interesting because we had that first pitch temperature in the 70s down there in texas and temperatures dropping there. and going to be dropping here in maryland quickly. take a look at the temperature map. you can see the cold air on the move. 40 degree reading in cincinnati, chicago, up through detroit. that cold shot of air moving southeast ward. so this will be us if that makes sense by sunday. big changes on the way. we can see that edge of that cooler air sparking showers across ohio and the midwest. in texas we're still clear as we finish out those last two innings. we've been rain free but temperatures are dropping. overnight 57. a little taste of the cool down. we'll talk about
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how cold it gets and the change that comes by the end of the weekend. >> baltimore county's arson squad says a house fire was set on purpose to cover up a burglary. someone started the fire in two separate places. they then took off with the owner's porsche. anyone with any information about the fire to call 41088747 -- police think they have solved a string of burglaries. diana broke into four homes by kicking down the door in several parts of the county. in one case accused of stealing football tickets and that's how they got caught. detectives say they went to the game on thursday night and talked to the people who brought those stolen tickets. police say they -- they are wanted in four burglaries. the couple could be
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suspects in several more. new tonight since tuesday police and fbi have been looking for the gunman who shot a boarder patrol agent. tonight it was likely one of his own who shot him. nicholaus ivy was on patrol when gunshots rang out. he and two other agents rang fire. they say most of the evidence points to friendly fire. if you had a stair rids shot for -- steroids shot for back pain, you need to see a doctor. contaminated by a rare strain of of fungal , meningitis. usually only causes problem for people with immune problems. here it was injecd into the spine. up to the brain, causes inflammation. and here it actually caused a stroke. >> early symptoms can be
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headaches, fever, a stiff neck and take anywhere from a week to a month to develop. health officials are on high alert. see if it's from that tainted source. doctors say early treatment can make the difference here. >> american airlines thinks it may have solved little problem where the seats come loose on flight. the floor mounting tracks became worn overtime and repeated spills of soft drinks loosened up the bolts. canceled dozens of flights while they try to fix the seats. the company says they -- they have all grounded planes will get back in the air until that issue is resolved. hope to have them all back in the air by the end of the weekend. if you are looking for a dog, why not have a little fun this weekend and pick out a pooch at the same time? dog fest is tomorrow morning rain or shine at the baltimore humane society. raises cash to
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take care of hundreds of animals. bring your own dog down to share in the dog friendly activities. >> everything you can imagine under the sun for dogs and their families to do. games like bowling and musical sit and stay. we've got dogs who want to make their paw paintings. we have swimming and contests. >> among those contests will be a doggy costume contests and categories for best trick and best tail wagger. and if you don't have a dog, there are plenty of rescue pups waiting for a good home. the largest water boat show is this weekend. 43rd u.s. sailboat show brings together a wide range of accessorieses. expecting 50,000 people to turn out. the show is followed by the united states power boat show which begins on october 11th.
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also this weekend the #4e6 annual fun festival that will shut down many roads. more on the closures you need to be aware of. >> many roads will be shut down for this weekend's festival. broadway is now closed between bank and tame street. 6:00 tomorrow morning, all streets south of alisana street will be closed. everything will reopen by 6:00 monday morning. and if you are attending the festival, use public transportation and avoid neighborhood parking. i'm lauren cook and that's your time safer traffic report. >> bottom of the 8th. score is 3-1. orioles is still up. coming up next our amazing coverage continues, everyone. >> if the orioles can get through these last two half innings, their season will continue. we'll give you a live update, coming up. >> and the last call you'd
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expect is from someone in jail. the latest scam inmates are using to try to steal your cash when we come back in 60 seconds.
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still 3-1 out there. bottom of the 8th. you just can't bare. you want to see this thing happen. let's go down to texas right now. just outside the ballpark in arlington. it's like everybody is ready. >> reporter: it is by no means over. bottom of the 8th and bottom of the 9th. there's been quite a few texas rangers fans leaving the ballpark. they don't think they are going to come back. they certainly have been sitting on their hands through most of the night. the pitcher is keeping them off balance. he had a lot of runners obeys. getting obeys. there was double plays that the orioles pulled. got out of all
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kinds of jam. the orioles scratch out three runs in three separate innings. no big innings. so far it's been enough. like i said with the orioles up 3-1. let me walk out of the way. show you some of these hard core texas rangers fans who have decided they are not going to win the game today and they are there for leaving the ballpark in arlington. how about that? the playoff game and they are out of here. man. kind of crazy. but like i said, they still have a long way to go. if they can get to the 9th, that's good news. the 8th inning this year, you see pedro all the time. not sure if he's been pitching so well. the 8th inning could be the interesting one. they should be in good shape for the night. >> thanks a lot. tip that guy to play the o's theme that's playing the saxophone back there. we'll check in with him
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later. and check in with cheryl coming up. in our health alert tonight, free birth control appears to cut down on the number of abortions and teen pregnancies. during a three year test researchers found the number of abortions fell below the average. teen births were much lower as well. researchers discovered most women choose long-term birth control over cheaper pills. move over chips and bologna, take that prepackaged snack. we talked to a registered dietician who told us a healthy school lunch needs four parts. protein, whole brain, a fruit or a vegetable and heart healthy fat nut. great way to make salads fun for kids. >> here's another tip. cut up
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vegetables when they are grabable children are more likely to eat them because well, they can grab them. a warning about the latest scam. if you fall for it you could be hit with hundreds of dollars. john shows us what to look out for so you don't waste your money. >> sheriff's departments are warning a new version of an old scam is popping up everywhere this time it's no longer the old kitchen phone ringing at dinner time. >> her cell phone started ringing at all times-imuy of da. with strange phone calls from someone in jail. >> you have a collect call from an inmate in the county jail. >> at first i ignored it. but they kept calling repeatedly. they would keep calling . >> after a while she decided to
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answer worried a grandson may have been arrested. >> i thought maybe it's a family member in trouble. >> so she listened to the recording. >> it gave you two options. number one is will you accept this collect call and you will also be recorded. >> she googled the phone number calling her and found complaints saying it was a scam. sheriff's departments are warning this scam which has targeted land line phones are hitting cell phones too. inmates dial numbers hoping to get someone to approve a collect call. if you do, they hang up and bill their long distance prison calls to your phone number. virginia has received similar calls. >> i had people calling me as early as 8:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. >> the only solution is to ask your provider to block that number or block all collect calls. >> sometimes the automated caller asks you to press1 or 2
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to take the call. either way you will run up a huge collect call phone bill. if you are worried it's a family member, hang up and call family members. chances are they will be home safe. don't waste your money. >> didn't catch that? no problem. you can find that story and all of the reporting on go to the money tab under the don't waste your money section. >> now, most accurate forecast. >> right into baltimore weather. how the day finished down in dallas where the orioles are dog well tonight. a few -- are doing well tonight. a few additional clouds. temperatures are dropping like a rock out there. so the ball not carrying as well in the late part of the game that we hope will be great news for the orioles. current conditions back here. 67 at the airport.
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winds are southwest. and they will certainly bring a different type of temperature in here. take a look at the numbers. mid 60s, a pleasant evening. nice mild south breeze that continues to blow in across maryland. but as we look to the north and west, look at these temperatures. low mid 40s out here in. st. louis detroit. this is the air mass that is moving towards us. and really make its presence felt by sunday night. even beginning tomorrow night, you are going to start to feel the change. chances for rain, you bet. two reasons. that boundary moving in . spark showers ahead of it. don't look for a lot of rain tomorrow afternoon. then, as we go from saturday into sunday, we've got a little bit of an area moisture along the coast. the carolina coast that could help generate showers through the day on sunday. so sunday we're talking temperatures struggling to get out of the 40s and low 50s.
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plus rain showers and ugly day. with luck as the orioles come back to play that game on sunday night with the showers will be done by sunday night. not through the day. you may have in texas right now weather a nonissue for the big game. there is a boundary here in north texas not impacting the latter part of the texas/orioles game. there is cooler air blowing into the stadium. changing weather here too. you see that frontal boundary bringing rain to indiana and ohio. that headed toward maryland toward the middle part of the weekend. this is a little overstated. more of a cool blast. this is not frigid air. it's a lot cooler than we've seen. numbers on sunday, again, struggling to get out of the upper 40s. we'll probably get to the low 50s for an hour or two or three sunday afternoon. chilly night for baseball. 75 on saturday. sunny and breezy with
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falling temperatures. saturday night 48. breezy and cool. a chance for shower s. really through most of the day on sunday. just 52 degrees. are you kidding me? a huge change from 80 degree air on friday. 30 degree cool off. 52 cooler sunday. your columbus day forecast not bad. dry it out, 60 degrees. sunshine. the weekend on the whole not so bad. other than sunday. and if we continue to see those gains next week, the weather looks pretty good for those games. monday, tuesday, wednesday back close to 70. sunday, really the ugly day. don't forget about dog fest on saturday. got to check out the pups. >> always a good time. thanks. still 3"n coming up, an amazing night. we'll continue this. live picture. look at those guys . they want this
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over. the o's w. more on our coverage coming up.
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they are rocking over glory days. let's talk to cheryl who is down in the bar. topf the 9th, 3-1. o's up to bat. doesn't get any better . this is a wonderful friday night. this is one night of reporting i will never forget. really tells the story about the excitement. typically the bar is crowded.
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but the restaurant on the other hand, usually there's no one over there at this time. but you can see it is packed. we have been talking to bobby one of the fans hanging out here for 6 minutes. paint the picture out here for us. how exciting it this? >> three outs away from being with the yankees. the fans are amazing right now. it's so alive. it's amazing. >> you feel like you are witnessing history? >> something better than that. >> unbelievable. get back there and wish them good luck. it is amazing. we are going into the top of the 9th. 3-1. the energy out here is not going to die any time soon. keeping our fingers crossed as we get
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through the last inning here. back to you. >> keeping fingers crossed. hopefully a good outcome by the end of the show. reporting live they are rocking down there. >> takes me back. you think back to the ripkin days and always a threat. good stuff. let's talk a little about potentially coming back here against the yankees. going to be ugly sunday night. hopefully most of the rain should be done by late sunday evening. 52. down to the 0 s by first pitch. and as we look at monday and tuesday, a little bit of a rebound here. drier weather on tap. going to be an interesting stretch here for baseball baltimore. let's hope we get it on sunday night. we'll be back with more right after this. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by >> you know what? let's take one last look at the weather. i can't take my eye off the monitor. 3-1 orioles go. >> great animals too. >> let's show those. good way on the way out. this is a good luck omen. the o's 3-1 top of the 9th.
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